Eburru Needs You

Our trio is now a duet. Becca is flying back home today and Kari and I arrived in Eburru last night. It is so nice to be back. So much has been done here since I left 18 months ago. We stopped by the David’s Hope school on our way to camp yesterday and it brought tears to my eyes. Since 15 Americans decided to start David’s Hope International and we have had so many gracious donators, 93 students now are getting an education for the first time and that is just the beginning of the good work that is being done here.

 We had a nice long talk with Pastor Steve last night and this is what he had to say: “It is so hard for you to paint a picture of what the situation is here for the Americans. They are still living in the comfortable homes and you are here. They don’t know that many of us have gone without food today.” Several times a week the pastor and his wife Mary will drive 55 km (but it is a 2 ½ hour drive due to the horrible road conditions) to the remote village up in the mountains of Northern Kenya so that they can work at the clinic and school they started here. Mary is a nurse and works in a hospital during the week and here at the clinic in Eburru on the weekends. Although she would sometimes like a day off she knows that there are children waiting to be fed, taught, and treated here.

             Luke 12:48  tells us “From everyone who has give much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” As Americans we have been blessed and given much. How are you using what God has given you? 

 He who gives to the poor will lack nothing, but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses. – Proverbs 28:27 www.davidshope.org



5 Responses

  1. When the Lord makes his presence felt and speaks to me that the time is right, I will be ready to serve, with hammer in hand if need be, ministering in that way which the Lord sees fit.

    God Bless you ladies!

  2. Dear Katie and Kari, thank you for this update and this touching reminder of how all of us can help the people of Eburru and yes, the world. We live in a world that is dark without the love of Christ and even the love of many Christians. We are behind you in prayer and support and beside you in love as you minister there for the next few weeks.

  3. Katie, your words about the work there touch me profoundly. Never could I have known that the years of attending our church Missions Conferences with you in tow would have led to my child’s heart being tugged toward Africa. Our God is good to allow you to serve Him in such a way and I am grateful for your gifts that are being used to undoubtly bear fruit for His glory an praise. Dad

  4. Thanks Katie for the update. It is a blessing to see what 15 caring American’s can do…I needed that reminder.

  5. Thanks for sharing a picture of what you are seeing. It is awesome to hear you share because now we (the body of Christ) knows the ways in which the need can be met. I pray you’d continue pouring out love that can only come from Christ- so that He may receive the glory!

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