I mentioned before about he feeding program at the school but I wanted to share a very touching story about a little boy named Solomon.

 Back in December DHI sent a small short term missions team to serve in Eburru.  Monty, a girl on the team, was able to bring a large supply of Nutty  Butta, a peanut base nutritional supplement. It is packed full of protein and there is research being done on its effects on malnourished children.  When the team arrived their attention was brought to Solomon, an extremely malnourished four year old boy.  Mary told me that his mother came to her in the clinic and told her that they were just waiting for the child to die. She had given up on hope that there was anything that could be done at this point.  Mary and the team started giving the child the supplement and enrolled him in the school immediately so he could have the advantage of the feeding program. At first Solomon did not have the energy to even smile. He would sit and watch the other children play. He came to school wearing layers but when those layers were taken off it was apparent the child was skin and bones.

 Well, Solomon is in the class I have been working with and the teacher told me he is now top of the class!!! I actually took a wonderful video of him working the classroom but of course the African internet connection will not let me upload it so you will have to wait until I return. Mary says that the child would most certainly be dead by now if it were not for the team that came with the supplies or the feeding program.  Solomon now runs and laughs during recess and he loves going to school.


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  1. Praise God!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Katie. I sent this post on to my team from last winter, including Monty, and we’re all so encouraged to see how God continues to use what He provided to do great things in Eburru!

  3. Isn’t this just wonderful and God is so gracious to give Monty back in December a chance to be used by God to help Solomon and now for you to be given the priviledge to see such a change in him and for him to be grabbing all the opportunities for growth around him now. So humbling for you to be be involved so closely in God’s work there.
    Thanks so much for your “sights” and “sounds” into the work there in Eburru! Give Pastor Steve and Mary and their children my greetings and hugs and love!

  4. I’ve read this story twice now, and it’s wonderful. It got me to thinking, also. From a conservation biology standpoint, what the impacts could be on the local wildlife of kenya (and eslewhere) of using nutty butta as a substitute protein source for the people?

    Unfortunately guys, the reality is that many Africans are emptying their forests of wildlife, including primates large and small, and various herbivores and carnivores, in what has been called the “bush meat” crisis. They kill and eat these animals primarily becasue of their difficulty in obtaining adequate protein to survive. This could help people as well as animals that are becoming increasingly endangered. It gets me thinking, that’s for sure…

    Thank you for sharing, Katie 🙂

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