Historical Day in Kenya

Since we first arrived in Kenya we kept hearing  talk from the radio, TV news, taxi drivers, and street advertisements about the referendum for a new constitution. We saw people wearing red (those for against the  new constitution) and many others wearing green (those for it). Supposedly, President Obama gave motivation to the politicians in Kenya that there needed to be a change and unity in their country. Well today is Election Day and they are voting on that new constitution. As we drove into a town this morning we saw extremely long lines of Kenyans waiting to vote. Many that we have talked to say they are in the “Yes” camp and polls are predicting  that about 80% are for it. Many of the changes have to do with the rights of women and children; including the right to free education and better healthcare for expecting mothers. Currently the mortality rate for infants is very high and they hope this is one step towards improving those statistics.  However, the last time there was a big election (2007) there were major riots between tribes. Many are still adamantly against it. A large number of those in the “No” camp are landowners as some tribes could potentially lose land. The US has currently put a travel warning telling Americans not to travel to Kenya until this is over so please pray that it will end peacefully this time around. For more information on this international news please visit: http://edition.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/africa/08/04/kenya.elections/#fbid=i8CCwwKWZYg


2 Responses

  1. Hey…thanks for this update and the status of the nation at this time. We are praying for you and your safety and for all the people of Kenya! We pray that the results will be satisfactory and there will be little
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!!!!!!!

  2. Very cool news! It makes me hope for better times ahead for the future of Kenyans (and hopefully its animal citizens, too 😉

    Can’t wait to see you in 4 days!!

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